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Jedi Training Academy

Welcome young Padawans! This live-action show, behind Buzz’s AstroBlaster across from Autopia, children from the audience can experience becoming a Jedi. Complete with brown robes and light sabers, trainees learn the sacred Jedi Oath and ancient battle techniques from a Jedi Master!

The show would not be complete with having to fight off a force of Stormtroopers led by Darth Vadar (or Darth Maul). Can your skills fight them off? May the force be with you!

Children between 4 to 12 will be the best targets to be chosen for participation. If you have a little Star Wars fan with you, definitely check out the entertainment schedule when you enter the park. Every time I see this show happening, the kids look like they are having a blast! 


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World of Color

One of my absolute favorite things to view is World of Color. A combination of water, pyrotechnics and a lot of magic brings the Paradise Lagoon in California Adventure to life every evening! More than 1,000 water jets form screens and shapes that animations are projected onto. Although I have seen the show dozens of times, it never gets old, especially because as new Disney movies come out, they are incorporated into the show. If visiting both parks (or just DCA), be sure to get a fatspass for World of Color. The machines are right outside Grizzly Rapids and will have one of four colors (red, yellow, green, and blue), which is your viewing area during the show. Be sure to line up in your  specific area as soon as your fastpass tells you you can. Most people will sit down to wait for the show, which is fine, but be ready to wiggle to the front as people start to stand up. Another great way to get premium seating is through dining specials. Certain restaurants at DC

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Experience one of the biggest highlights at Disneyland is when the streets are filled with music and dancing as characters from your favorite movies ride on astonishing floats! Mickey leads the parade at the head of the drum line! If you have not seen this “soundsational”, unforgettable parade, it is best to plan to watch and enjoy the whole show.        Find a spot where people will not stand in front of you, there are several benches and curbs along Main Street for optimal viewing.  If your trip is in the summer or on a busy day, plan to stake out your spot about 30 minutes before the parade, trust me, it is worth it! The parade itself from starting float to end is about 23 minutes.       As a Disneyland veteran, growing up seeing the parade, even now as a college student, I always stop when the parade is going on and end up having the catchy tunes stuck in my head the rest of the day.        The parade is absolutely like nothing else, which I believe gives the